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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the following things:

Is Algo Trading activated?






Is one of these three fields green?

If not, please click on one of the buttons “Risk in%”, “Fixed Lot” or “RiskMoney”. The tool needs a selection so that it knows how to calculate! 🙂

We decided to offer Pipz only for Metatrader 5. We want a product that can and will work without problems in the future.

No, unfortunately this is not technically possible at the moment.

Yes, as long as the VPS Metatrader works there shouldn’t be any problems.

However, some VPS providers block the exchange of the important DLL files, so Pipz may not work. In this case, it is recommended to contact the VPS provider or change the VPS provider.

We use the following VPS provider: New York City Server


Works on Windows and Mac

*On Mac OS if Windows is virtualized with Parallels Desktop or Virtual Box(free). You also can use a VPS Server. We use the following VPS provider: New York City Server

(Pipz do not work with every VPS Provider because of Security reasons. )

You will receive detailed instructions with the purchase. But you can also have a look here: Installation

As long as your broker allows automatic trading, there are no problems.

Yes, you can have several panels open at once by implementing the Expert Advisor in different charts.

To quickly change the EA settings, you can press F7 on the diagram. The parameter field is displayed. Otherwise, you can right click on the graph and follow the instructions.
Remember that you can also create chart templates with custom settings or save parameter sets (from the parameter field) so that you can quickly start your preferred setting combination.
Also, remember that the settings are independent for each chart.

The EA must have live trading capabilities and be allowed to use DLLs.


See the installation instructions for this.

When you open your Forex trading account (or connect an existing one) through us, your broker pays us a rebate for every trade.

Keep in mind that your trading conditions (including spreads) remain exactly the same as if you had opened the account directly with the broker.

For more Informations just Contact us!

When copying the files, open the exe files. If you get the message that the program can be harmful, click on “More info” and than on “Run Anyway”

Please Contact our Support Team! We will release your license.

Please go to “My Account” then to “My Subscriptions”. Here you can Cancel your Subscription.

For payment we offer Bitcoin, Paypal and Credit Card.
However, the subscription version can only be paid with credit card.

Get your Trading Journal


You have to make a copy of the journal in order to work with it! Please watch the Instructions video to find out how to proceed.