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Free Trading Journal - Always learn from your Trades.

In order to learn from your trades, it is important that you look at all of your trades again and analyze them. With our free trading journal you get the opportunity to do so.

Please watch the Tutorial Video before using!


After successfully entering the email, a pop-up appears with the forwarding to the journal. If the popup does not appear, you will also receive an email!

Become a better Trader


It's based on Google Sheets. This Tool is really powerful and customizable.

Tradingview integration

Use the Snapshots by Tradingview to store your Trade Analysis. Up to 5 Charts per Trade!

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Sort by Strategy and up to 6 Custom Criterias

Add your Strategy or Custom Criterias to your Trade and Sort by it.

Easy Import from Metatrader 4/5

Just Copy and Paste the Trade Data from Metatrader. Choose betwen two Journal Versions!


With this unique Clear Design you don't have to Search the Button you need.


Focus on your trades. It is no longer necessary to manage the trade in an unnecessarily complicated manner

Exponential Growth

Experience exponential growth through percentage risk management


Adjust the most important settings directly in the panel.

Get your Trading Journal


You have to make a copy of the journal in order to work with it! Please watch the Instructions video to find out how to proceed.