The Trading Holy Grail


The Holy Grail in Trading does not exist.


We have a few tools to make your work a little easier.

The first thing a trader needs to know: Trading is a lot of work!

On Instagram or Facebook trading always looks so incredibly easy for others, plus the fancy cars, parties and women. It seems like all traders have a life of luxury without having to work.

However, for this life really a lot of work and time must be invested.

Three things are elementary when it comes to trading.

Trading Journal

Risk Management

A Successful Trading Plan

1. Trading Journal

Use our free trading journal to learn from your trades! This is very important when trading, because as a trader you can see your mistakes and try not to make them again on the next trade. In addition, you get a statistic, from which you can take out important things and improve.


It's based on Google Sheets. This Tool is really powerful and customizable.

Tradingview integration

Use the Snapshots by Tradingview to store your Trade Analysis. Up to 5 Charts per Trade!

Sort by Strategy and up to 6 Custom Criterias

Add your Strategy or Custom Criterias to your Trade and Sort by it.

Easy Import from Metatrader 4/5

Just Copy and Paste the Trade Data from Metatrader. Choose betwen two Journal Versions!

2. Our pride and joy

Risk management is a big thing in trading. It is the only thing you can control besides entry and exit!

And we have something for you here that will make your risk management in trading extremely easy!

Open your trade with your individual risk. The volume is calculated automaticly

Place your panel on the screen wherever you want, also outside of the Metatrader.

Partial closings can be planned by simply moving lines on the chart. As soon as the price reaches the level of the line, the desired position size is automatically closed.

Available for the most popular trade terminal Metatrader 5

Pipz running only on Windows or Mac*

*with external software like Parallels or VPS.

For Free!*

MetaTrader 4 - Foreign Exchange Market

*If you open an Account on ICMarkets through us. There are no additional costs for you!

Not sure yet?

Free Trial for the first 5 days Then €6.99 for each 1 month.

MetaTrader 4 - Foreign Exchange Market

3. A Successful Trading Plan

The trading plan is a comprehensive decision-making tool for your trading activities. It can help you decide what to trade, when to trade, and how much to trade. The trading plan should be your own personal plan-you can use other people’s plans as an outline, but keep in mind that other people’s attitudes towards risk and available capital may be very different from yours.

Your trading plan can include anything you think is useful, but it should always include:

  • Your trading motivation
  • The time commitment you want to make
  • Your trading goals
  • Your attitude towards risk
  • Your available trading funds
  • Personal risk management rules
  • The market you want to trade
  • Your strategy Record keeping steps

Get your Trading Journal


You have to make a copy of the journal in order to work with it! Please watch the Instructions video to find out how to proceed.